Environmental Services (EVS)

Environmental Services (EVS) play a crucial role in maintaining hygiene and safety in healthcare settings. HealthClean provides comprehensive EVS cleaning services that go beyond surface cleaning to ensure a healthy environment. From disinfecting surfaces to managing waste, our team is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness in your facility.

Environmental Services Duties in Healthcare


Terminal Cleaning

Our meticulous disinfection process ensures patient rooms are thoroughly sanitized after discharge, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.


Medical Equipment Cleaning and Disinfection

Following specialized protocols, we maintain surgical instruments and dialysis machines to the highest standards of cleanliness and safety.


High-Touch Surface Sanitization

We prioritize the frequent disinfection of critical surfaces such as doorknobs, bed rails, and call buttons to prevent the spread of infections.


Biohazard Waste Disposal

Our team handles biohazardous materials with utmost care and compliance, ensuring safe and responsible disposal


Infection Prevention and Control

Aligned with industry guidelines, we implement evidence-based cleaning protocols to effectively prevent and control infections.

Environmental Services Examples in Healthcare


Pristine patient rooms, sterile ORs, and sanitized isolation units.

Surgery Centers

 Cleanliness for successful procedures in sterile rooms and recovery areas.


Hygienic exam rooms, waiting areas, and restrooms for patient comfort.


Safe handling of hazardous materials for accurate results and staff safety.


Disinfected linens and garments for a healthy patient care environment.

We understand the importance of Medicaid compliance in environmental services. Our EVS cleaning protocols adhere to Medicaid regulations, ensuring that healthcare facilities meet all necessary standards.

Additionally, Our EVS cleaning team consists of highly trained professionals dedicated to upholding the highest standards of cleanliness. We invest in human resources to ensure our team is equipped with the skills and knowledge needed for effective environmental services.

Trust us to deliver excellence in environmental services, promoting the highest standards of cleanliness and safety in your facility!

Your Partner in Meeting California Healthcare Standards

HealthClean offers cost-effective, quality cleaning services in California, balancing rising minimum wages with expertise, technology, and a commitment to excellence.

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Choose HealthClean and experience the difference – where cleanliness meets compliance, and your healthcare facility shines with confidence. Contact us today for a consultation tailored to your specific needs.

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