HIPPA compliance in Healthcare Facilities

HealthClean California recognizes that you need a cleaning company that is aware and is abiding by HIPPA compliance at every step. There is a good chance if you as a regular cleaning company about HIPPA

Worksana Credentialing Solution

All Ways Clean a trusted healthcare and commercial cleaning company has formed a division for healthcare cleaning.

  • HealthClean California is exclusively focused on the medical cleaning needs of the California healthcare industry.
  • With the implementation of the new California healthcare minimum wage Bill Text – SB-525 Minimum wages: health care workers.
  • we have decided that if your medical organization is forced to pay a higher rate for your cleaning services then you deserve
  • an experienced cleaning company that can provide industry-specific value.
  • With HealthClean California you will experience a cleaning company that understands your needs and is
  • Proactive in delivering the highest quality medical cleaning.
  • At HealthClean California we aim to be a provider of resources even if you are not our customer.
  • Please find the attached Business Associate Agreement template that will be the beginning of your HIPPA compliance.
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