Trusted Medical Office Cleaning for a Health and Safe Environment Environment

We understand the crucial role a clean and sanitized environment plays in medical offices. Our dedicated team specializes in providing comprehensive cleaning services tailored to the unique needs of healthcare facilities. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can trust us to keep your medical office clean, safe, and welcoming.

At HealthClean, we offer comprehensive cleaning solutions tailored specifically for medical offices.

Our dedicated team provides reliable and efficient janitorial services to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of your medical office space. From lobbies to exam rooms, we ensure every area is spotless and inviting


Daily cleaning

Regular cleaning of floors, surfaces, restrooms, and common areas using hospital-grade disinfectants.


Trash removal and disposal

Ensuring proper hygiene by emptying and sanitizing trash bins regularly.


Dusting and sanitizing

Addressing all surfaces, including furniture, equipment, and high-touch areas

We go beyond surface cleaning with our deep cleaning services, targeting hard-to-reach areas and ensuring thorough sanitation.


Carpet cleaning and disinfection

Utilizing deep cleaning methods to remove dust, allergens, and potential pathogens from carpets.


Window cleaning

Maintaining a bright and clean environment by thoroughly cleaning windows and blinds.


Upholstery cleaning and sanitization

Ensuring a hygienic and comfortable experience for patients by cleaning and disinfecting upholstered furniture.

We offer disinfection services to combat the spread of germs and maintain a safe environment in medical offices. We utilize hospital-grade disinfectants and effective cleaning methods, including electrostatic disinfection technology for thorough and consistent application across surfaces. Our focus extends to touchpoint disinfection, targeting high-traffic areas and frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, and countertops. Additionally, we implement rigorous cleaning and disinfection protocols for restrooms to ensure a sanitary environment at all times.

Your Partner in Meeting California Healthcare Standards

HealthClean offers cost-effective, quality cleaning services in California, balancing rising minimum wages with expertise, technology, and a commitment to excellence.

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Choose HealthClean and experience the difference – where cleanliness meets compliance, and your healthcare facility shines with confidence. Contact us today for a consultation tailored to your specific needs.

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